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We Have 22+ Years Experience

N.T.P Alberti is a manufacturer of various paints and facades with over 22+ years of experience, always offering consumers high-quality and durable materials, guaranteeing such quality. The “Alberti” paint and facade factory produces all types of fascades,primers and all types of paints for interior and exterior walls.

N.T.P Alberti began its operations after the war, and with the help of technologists from Switzerland, we have managed to make our products among the most high-quality in the Kosovar and regional markets. Every year, we are expanding our production, all thanks to the trust we have built with consumers, resulting in an increasing number of them every day.

For this reason, N.T.P Alberti will also introduce new products to be produced in the near future, always maintaining their quality.

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Our Services


Transform your home with our diverse selection of facade colors,curated to bring style and character to any space.


Two-component mixture for the production of elastic waterproofing based on polymer cement.


Primers with really small particles for surface enforcement of absorbing and porous surfaces , for interior and exterior wall's.

Interior Colors

Transform your indoor spaces with our diverse selection of interior colors, curated to bring style and character to any room.

Exterior Colors

Elevate your building's exterior with our vibrant range of colors, designed to enhance and inspire.